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We're MAD AS HELL about Australia's biggest banks treating ordinary Australians poorly, often instigating
repossession of property to suit their hidden corporate agenda. Help us fight for right!


See why lots of Australians have used our services to take on the banks

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Ask for some confidential advice on your situation today. Because we've helped so many others we have the experience and knowledge that may save you heaps and stop the banks.

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Our legal team will offer a way forward to delay, stop or mitigate bank recovery actions.

Other Assistance

When the bank is pressuring you we understand the impact it can have on your life. Often people stop paying other creditors to appease the bank. We need you to know there are things you can do to reduce the stress and pressure while working out a strategy to regain control of your finances. We have a range of solutions that may work for you. 

Unhappy Banking TV

Unhappy Banking TV

Unhappy Banking has created an Australia wide awareness of despicable banking practices

Unhappy Banking TV

Help us fight the fight for right

Unhappy Banking TV

Geoff Shannon developer was forced to the wall by Bank West

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Unhappy Banking in a Nutshell

  • Unhappy Banking Helping Consumers

    Since early 2012 we've helped hundreds of bank customers... here's a glipse of our track record.

    Battlers keep their home

    We've been instrumental in saving several Australian battlers from losing their home.

    Mortgages Overturned

    For some clients the court found that the loan was not appropriately approved and has overturned it.

    Huge Consumer Wins

    Some clients have saved millions due to the assistance of Unhappy Banking.
  • Banking News Highlights

    See the media highlights of Unhappy Banking and banking related stories.

    APRA takes tough line on Basel III rules

    AUSTRALIA'S banks will have to conform to a key new regulation on liquidity by 2015

    Commercial Borrowers Beware

    Experiencing bank problems- you may be another BASEL III victim.

    Problems With NAB?

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  • Our Top 3 Wins

    Unhappy Banking has been instrumental in these successes:

    Senate Enquiry

    Australia's Senate Enquiry into the banking sector was in part instigated by the actions of Unhappy Banking.

    Coverage of Bank Bastardry

    Over the last 20 months UB has brought major stories to national media.

    Class Action Commenced

    What looks to be one of Australia's largest ever class actions against CBA has commenced. Read More.

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